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1 : How long does it take for a web hosting account to set up ?


FWeb hosting account is activated on a real time basis. It is within 24 hours in a day. A welcome email will be sent to you within a span of ten seconds after an activation email is sent.

2 : How will you improve the rank of my website ?


There are numerous factors that affect the rank of a website and it determines how relevant your website is. Some of the important elements that are linked to it are:

    A)    Back links to a website which is a link coming to your site from other sites. The greater is the inbound links; it is more feasible to get a rank in SEO.

    B)    Consider the on-page factors like the page title, content, formatting and images.

    C)    Know the age of the domain like thumb rule which is old or better.

3 :I am getting 404 errors in my website, what is the reason behind it ?


404 is an error message that is displayed when a domain points out to non-existing directory.



FAQ pages have become the elephant graveyards of non-information, the equivalent of the “Miscellaneous” file folder, the place where information-we-didn’t-know-where-to-put was dumped. The impression a useless FAQ page leaves with readers is brand-damaging. Your FAQ page should not be where writers compensate for the shortcomings of your app interface or code.The challenge, then, is to create a FAQ page that readers will find useful. This task has several aspects but can be accomplished with a lot of planning and a little strategic work. The following tips will give customers hope that your FAQ sare usable and useful.

5 : How much will it cost to design a website ?


The cost of the website is quoted according to a bid amount that has been fixed to it. It is also dependent upon the package that has been selected. You should also consider factors like complexity and the size of website. Our company Fusion Dream Solutions determines the uniqueness of every project in its own way. It is designed in such a way as if it looks unique.

6 : How long will you take to design and develop the website of my company ?


It is very difficult to assure the right amount of time that will be taken to complete the designing and development of a website. A micro website may take a time of 3 – 4 week and a macro website may take a comparatively longer time. The requirement of the client is taken into consideration in this case. It is also dependent upon the complexity of the site and the number of web pages.