This IS To Bring To Your Notice That We Have Found Fake JOB Requests Are Being Given On Prominent Portals Like Naukri And Other By Unauthorised Persons On The Name Of Fusion Dream Solutions. We Are CURRENTLY Located ONLY in Kolkata India. This is to update the persons concerned that this person does not work at our company and has updated wrong information on Linkedin.



This is what our clients from around the world has to say about us...

We have had been in a joyride for last three years! Trust me it has been an experience. We have had met several customers who were more than pleased with our work. And here below I enlist some of those reviews for you:

We recently rolled out a website in Bangalore for a small business and the company representatives were more than happy to share a bit of their part with us. Here it comes: “Fusion Dream has provided us with the ultimate design at the most affordable cost I could have ever imagined. Cheers to the Team.”
~ Reddy Tempo Service

We met Robert from US on the pretext of providing social media services, he was more than pleased with the quality of our services and left us with a great feedback to share his love for our services and here it goes like this: “Anubhab is on the ball when it comes to communication.. Will use him again.”
~ Anubhab Chakraborty

At Fusion Dream Solutions, we have rolled out several websites during the course of 3 years. We have worked tied up with several offshore companies while providing them with the best designing solutions at the most affordable costs. We rarely disclose the company names over the internet as we are bound by international laws and NDA signed by our company. But on the condition of anonymity one of the companies we worked for was more than happy to share their thoughts with our future clients. And it goes like this “Perfection is the Norm with Fusion Dream Team. Thanks!”
~ Fusion Dream Solutions